The Annam Group is an Importer, marketer and distributor of high quality brands of FMCGs in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Brands are our passion and we represent Principals from all countries on an exclusive basis from the import, customs, warehousing, marketing and advertising, market positioning to the end delivery to all retails channels

Annam Group is continuously sourcing premium, high quality, delicious food products from around the world for distribution  throughout all of Indochina, and we pride ourselves on being the go-to source for any globally respected brands.


Today, Annam Group offers more than 7,000 individual varieties of food and wine products along with more than  700 cosmetic products, each one available to distribution businesses and companies like yours. We work with global corporations, mom and pop shops and entrepreneur businesses to assist them with food and beverage acquisition and distribution. From our humble beginnings as a small store stocking just a handful of products to a chain of specialist markets across Vietnam, we have been curating the best in gourmet produce for over 15 years.

Annam Group continues to search all over the world to find new products and offers for our customers and consumers to take advantage of and to enjoy. We pick and choose the brands we represent  very carefully and every selection that is made is based on a strict review process that considers the integrity of the ingredients, quality of the products, and the health value that it offers to our consumers. Not just any company or business and not just any products or goods can make it onto the the Annam Group approval list!

Annam Group searches, locates, imports, stores, and distributes products to different channels, mostly Wholesale Mass Distribution, Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes, and large chain establishments in the Indochina area as well as its own Retail Stores in Vietnam. To find out more about who we are and why we do what we do keep reading or give us a call today!



Sale and Marketing

Several dedicated sales teams and delivery staff are available any time, anywhere, any day to ensure yu receive nothing but the finest care and service each and every time you contact us. We value the close relationship we maintain with our business partners and this helps us provide the finest products that represent  the highest standards of quality and excellence. You will get nothing but our very best every single time.

The Marketing team of Annam Group creates brand-building programs for our business partners, ensuring long-term connection to their consumers. Related trade marketing and category management programs are being implemented with our top clients to ensure there is a strong and long-lasting relationship to brand recognition and profits. We know it is important to preserve brand strength and recall among your customer base and we are happy to be working on new ideas and ways to help you improve your sales and marketing powers- when you are successful we are successful so it is a win win situation!

We offers customers an extensive line of branded

We brings the best of the best wines and beverages from many countries

Product portfolio is also enhanced by its cosmetics, skin care, and spa treatment line