Who we are


The Annam Group business came into being back in the year 2000 with a small Gourmet retail store located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. There we made a name for ourselves by catering to the locals and visitors to the area who were looking for high quality food and beverage products that exemplified the finesse of the region while still being affordable. The business quickly grew from these basic and humble beginnings and soon evolved into a diversified entity which, on top of a fast-growing retail company, expanded to include the leading exclusive importer and distributor for the region. Our focus became the location and distribution of premium food products, wines, beverages, and cosmetics, and we partnered with leading shipping and distributing experts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar for the retail, and food service industries Today this has remained our focus as we have worked with countless businesses, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, and sitributre round the globe.

With over 2,000 retail clients in the region, more being added all the time, and more distributors joining our program, millions of end-consumers have access to superior products and services and every year more individuals and businesses enjoy our products throughout the region and the surrounding areas.

With a dedicated  logistics network,  teams of distribution experts,  a strong team of 1,400 committed professionals, and a knack for finding the highest quality at the best prices , it is easy to see why companies in the Indochina area are turning to us for sourcing and distributing assistance.

We boast a very unique portfolio of a diversified and well respected range of brands that are offered, a one of a kind approach to food and beverage distribution, and a strong historical relationship with all our brand owners. the Annam Group is focused on bringing the best quality products and experiences to the growing, young and eager population of Indochina.

All it takes is one experience and we will prove ourselves and you will see why we are the leaders for all aspects of food and beverage distribution in the region!

“Enjoy Life. Eat and Drink well …”

Nguyen Phuong Ha, GM.

a dedicated team of more than 1300 professional all over the region